Defining an image and tracing its outlines is a task inherent to art. To be defined, then, is part of that task that currently encodes in choral form the "profiles" of the social networks that display, qualify, self-portray, and portray us. Wayfarer is that figure, a set of images that reveal a creative mood and an itinerary through an intermediate space. It is an ephemeral vision between journeys, in the constant evolution of the vital and existential journey of a hopeful traveler and adventurer in art. Wayfarer is the journey –with no beginning or end– of the look on the edges of color, the filters, the opacities, and the reflexes of a virtual strip of islands in the continent of our own sensibility; a collection of postcards that slowly match the design of my website.

KITCHEN PROJECT > www.instagram.com/marcelacernadas

For over a decade I reflect on food and the handling thereof; a banquet and its relationship with luxury; food and its inextricable link with the essential, ritual and vital. Many of my works dived into the fragile balance of still life and quite a few were developed in kitchens, in the border area between everyday life and the creative field. The Kitchen Project is nothing but a mirror of that border area that for 100 consecutive days featured the figure of the kitchen of my own studio and kitchens of the houses I lived in during my trips. An immediate and convivial way of expression that pushes me once again to wonder about the meaning of food and the meaning of its aesthetic and social representations

TASTE MAP PROJECT > www.instagram.com/marcelacernadas

I have placed taste, as an object of visual representation and as an object of reflection in anthropological terms, at the center of this artwork. I have outlined a map made up by small parts whose order varies unlimitedly. I have applied shades and blends with equal value –to color and to the word– in an attempt to establish the edges of taste. I have defined a "concept" through the word housed in the same mouth that pronounces, ingests, enjoys, and falls silent. And I have defined a "form" that, in rather nonfigurative terms, tries to raise the interest in everything that we "know through taste". This taste map is, at the same time, a question about a current mode of massive "exhibitionism", through social networks, that quantifies everything we consume in parameters of sumptuousness, exoticism, beneficial care, idleness, and pride, and that defines us.