Brief Biographical Note

Marcela Cernadas was born in Argentina, and currently works in her country of origin as well as in Italy and Spain. Her researches and artistic productions, complemented by her writings through a constant intellectual and poetic output, highlight the key themes addressed by her work: food and light as vital figures, and art as a vital figure as well. She undertook several urban projects, the most important of which were the art installations Luces de Sofía at the historic monument Casa de los Costa in Campana, declared of cultural interest by the Council of the Province of Buenos Aires; Velamina, a permanent installation at the Church of San Salvador in Venice, sponsored by the Diocesan Museum of the city; and Flesh and Spirit, sponsored by the Art and Monuments Museum of the City of Verona. Marcela was awarded several academic distinctions, such as a cum laude degree in Visual Arts achieved through the presentation of her thesis Carne rosa, related by Angela Vettese and Franco Rella at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the IUAV University in Venice, and the publication by the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires of her research work Teaching Each Other. Birth and Proliferation of Institutions-Art and Design Schools in the Contemporary Epistemological Fracture, endorsed by the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, CONICET) of Argentina. She has fulfilled several educational assignments at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the IUAV University of Venice and has been a visiting artist at the Art Center College of Design of Los Angeles. Active for years in the international scene, her work has been interpreted and received in different spheres of thought, through gender readings as well as academic and religious ones. She has exhibited at the Venice Biennial, in several museums, foundations, and festivals. Her works, comprising video, film, photography, painting, sculpture, and installations, can be found in renowned private collections and European and American museums.